We recently received a few Shun knives designed by Bob Kramer for sharpening. All were pretty beat up with plenty of nicks. These knives are made with a hard, stainless steel that holds its edge well, but they are also brittle and subject to chipping. So, how to make them like new?

We used our award-winning process to sharpen these knives. First, Rod ground down the edge using a coarse grit to eliminate the nicks. Next, he used a finer grit to re-create the edge and raise the burr on the edge of the blade. Finally, he used a buffering felt band and some sharpening compound to remove the burr and polish the edge.

We saved this customer some money—he won’t have to replace these beautiful knives, which can cost several hundred dollars new! They’ll also stay out of the landfill and will have many years of service ahead of them. However, they’ll only stay nice and sharp if they are treated properly. That means doing the following: wash and dry them by hand (do not put them in the dishwasher), protect the blades while not in use, and use them on appropriate types of food (not bones or other tough foods). See our knife care tips here.

Check out these before and after photographs. Can we help you restore some edges? Give us a call or send us a message today!

BEFORE - Chipped Shun knives
AFTER - Repaired Shun knives