About Us

Rod Koozmin has worn many hats during his life: carpenter, boat builder, silversmith, nuisance wildlife controller  — and he loves to tinker. Sharpening was a natural follow-on to some of his other interests. As he got to thinking about all the other things we use and depend on every day that also need a sharp edge, Rod’s Sharpening Service was born in 2008.

Practice makes perfect, of course. In 2015, Rod won second place in a nationally recognized sharpening contest (Sharpener’s Report, Hickory, N.C.). He also completed training with the National Shear Sharpeners Guild in sharpening beauty salon shears, the kind with the special convex blades that often need lots of tender loving care.


You can find Rod at farmers markets during the warmer months and at his home workshop all year long. If you visit one of our farmer’s markets, you’ll find a warm community of folks who believe in sustainability, buying local, and eating well. We get dozens of repeat customers every year, customers who understand the value of keeping their knives sharpened so that they are safer and easier to use.

Liz Koozmin manages Rod’s Sharpening Service and writes its social media and blog posts. She often accompanies Rod to events where she’ll be the one to write up your order, wrap your items for safety, and provide advice on knife care. Liz is a retired geologist and technical editor for the U.S. Geological Survey. She now runs Catoctin Editorial Services, which provides writing, editing, and consulting services.